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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pink and Green Thursday - The Food Edition

So, why a food edition? I was eating watermelon last night, with just a tiny bit of salt, and it was perfect.
The pink was perfectly ripe, the rind was the perfect deep green. It was a moment of bliss. And now that I have at least one of my blog friends shuddering (sorry!), here are some more pink and green food delights:

When it's eleventy hundred and one degrees outside, I cannot live without limeade.

Frou frou pink drinks would not be amiss, either.

And here's a cute variant on black and whites, courtesy of Slashfood

And my obsession with pink and green cake continues. This one, cached from a UK bakery that appears to have gone out of business is hilarious!

Hope everyone has a lovely pink and green day!


  1. Oh those drinks look to die for. What I would do to be laying on the beach right now with one of them!

  2. I would love one of the drinks about now.
    And the cake is to cute

  3. Don't you just love watermelon! It's one of my favorite things about summer.

  4. I am craving watermelon now!

  5. Thank you for linking up to PInk&Green Thursday this week!

    Your post is the first one that has made me THIRSTY! Yummm!

    Got to tell ya...I shuddered to, though. You folks & your salt on watermelon. Blech, it ruins it! ;) My mama & just everybody else in my family do that, too, though.

    Cute blog! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!