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Monday, July 12, 2010

Smells Like a Monday#5 - Eau Imperiale

Guerlain is one of my very favorite perfume houses, and since I haven't talked about any of their scents yet, I figured I'd fix that little omission. Eau Imperiale(also known as Eau de Cologne Imperiale) is the first Guerlain I ever wore, and it's still very dear to me. I discovered it in law school. Someone in my legal clinic wore it, and I thought it smelled refreshing and hopelessly sophisticated all at the same time. So, of course I had to try it.

What followed was a comedy of errors as I went to our local Belk and asked the saleslady for Eau Imperiale. She gave me a rather incredulous look and stated, "But that's a men's perfume." Seriously, from the look on her face, you would think I asked for Eau de Litterbox. I felt a little less certain of myself by this time, but I still troddled off to the men's department and found a tester of Eau Imperiale.

Just as I recalled, it was total bliss in a bottle. While I could see a confident, sophisticated man rocking this scent, it is also quite feminine. The citrus and floral notes blend together to give it a refreshing crispness that reminds me of every determined, clever and slightly old-fashioned heroine I ever met in fiction. Not a bad image for meeting the world head on.

Eau Imperiale is an oldie but a goodie. It has been in production since 1853, and was created by the House of Guerlain in honor of France's Empress Eugenie. It contains notes of bergamot, orange blossom, lemon, petitgrain and neroli. Though not mentioned in the official description, I also detect what I think may be rosemary in this one. It's a beautiful floral citrus, and it's the sort of light scent that is almost impossible to overdo. It's perfect to wear to work or simply relaxing on the weekend. And isn't the iconic Guerlain bee bottle lovely?


  1. Oooohhh! You make it sound so special! I love collecting perfumes, and I haven't tried this one. It might just be next on my list!

  2. I love how you just describe it so well! Makes me want to try it.
    Ohhh, and Anne (with an e), oh Anne. Read about her, watch all her movies, loved Avonlea the show. Have them all on DVD....did a post a while back about it, and want to go on the Anne of Green Gables canada tour. Love her so much. Whenever I'm feeling really down, I just read a little Anne.

  3. Anne Shirley! When I was home last week, I caught AoGG on tv and was so happy. I need to watch it again, along with AoA, of course.

    This purfume sounds lovely. I am in need of something new...

  4. It sounds so lovely. I am going to try out some of these. Or at least the ones without lilies in them since I am allergic. I want a good perfume or two but somehow when I go smell I come across those and my allergies go crazy.

  5. hehe I just adore Givenchy Play & wore a Sephora sample for a week, loving it. & then with good intentions to buy it, I discovered it was a men's fragrance. I thought about buying it anyway, despite the ugly bottle ;), but my husband was already enchanted by my next sample I was trying out, Prada L'Eau Ambree. I've been new fragrance shopping for the last couple months. I don't have a "signature" fragrance, but I do tend to stick to "signature fragrance bases," namely patchouli, which is ironic because I'm not exactly the hippie that is supposed to come to mind at the thought of patchouli. =) Love the earthy, spicy stuff, though.

    Thanks for stopping by today! I am not sure that I wear orange very well either...I have been saying for years that I want to get my colors done, & I bring out the "orange is not in my color wheel" Sandra Bullock in the Blind Side quote every now&then because my Alabama fan husband loves it. Where do you even go these days to get your colors done?

    Anyway, have a lovely week!!!

  6. Your description of the scent is simply perfect, what an eloquent phrase, "bliss in a bottle." I love it, along with the notion of the disturbed sales associate reacting to your inquiry about a "man's fragrance".

    For years (and years) I wore a Burberry scent from way back in the day, but they haven't made it for at least ten years. :(

    Sending you a smile,

  7. It sounds devine!!! My husband's best friend worked for Geurlain for many years and gave me all kinds of samples. I've never tried this one, but agree the bottle is gorgeous!

  8. @ Miss Janice- Oh, lucky you! Guerlain is my favorite perfume house and I adore quite a few of their scents. Which one was your favorite?