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Monday, July 5, 2010

Smells Like a Monday #4 - America

In honor of Independence Day, I had to choose a perfume with some all-American, patriotic quality about it. America, a scent by Perry Ellis, immediately came to mind. Launched on the 4th of July in 1996, this scent was designed to pay tribute to the independence of the United States of America. In her book Fabulous Fragrances II, Jan Moran describes America as a "casual scent" and discusses how the perfumer gathered materials from all over the United States and blended them into one lovely perfume. In addition, to support the environments from which the materials came, the packaging is all made of recycled material.

This fragrance is indeed very casual. It's the perfect thing to wear with jeans or khakis while cooking out or simply running errands around town. The notes are listed as Texas ruby red grapefruit, lilacs from the Carolinas, freesia from East Hampton, Alaska blueberry, California nectarine, yucca flowers, honeysuckle, iced tea, lily, Virginia cedarwood, Hawaiian vanilla flower, redwood, plum and musk. I believe this scent is no longer in active production, but I've seen it at outlet mall discounters and it can also be found fairly easily in online shops such as Perfume Emporium or Parfum1.

This scent is not heavy by any means and it has a chameleon quality that I admire. Somehow it manages to be floral, spicy and a little bit fruity all at the same time. When I first apply it, the hint of southern sweet tea is the first thing I notice. It really smells like I'm having sweet tea on my aunt's porch, and I can smell the tea as well as the scents from her garden wafting in and out. As the scent warms up on my skin, I catch more floral notes and a bit of the cedarwoood with just a hint of sweetness underlying it all. If you like to have something that is undemanding and easy to wear, this one is good to have in your wardrobe.

I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!

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