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Monday, July 19, 2010

Smells Like a Monday #6 - Bronnley Lily

It seems like everyone I know both online and offline is going on vacation lately. I don't go until October, so I'm spending my summer enjoying sunny locales vicariously. All this travel made me think back on one of my favorite destinations - London. I've been there twice, and I absolutely love that city. Samuel Johnson reputedly said, "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life." And indeed, there are so many different kinds of lives in London, that I have never yet tired of exploring that city. I enjoy New York for much the same reason, but London has so many more centuries of history and as a history buff, my brain feels so engaged while I'm there.

And what in the world does this have to do with perfume, you may ask? Well, last time I was in London, I noticed many shops from small gift shops to larger department stores carrying the Bronnley line. Bronnley was founded in London in 1884 as a soapmaker, and their high-quality soaps were very popular. The company is known for using relatively high amounts of almond oil and other natural ingredients in their soaps and toiletries, and they are definitely a cut above most I've tried. They currently hold royal warrants as soapmakers to the Queen and to the Prince of Wales.

The scents tend to be simple, but very pretty. I liked the soaps and I have enjoyed layering lightly scented bath gel, lotion and perfume since I was a teenager. After sniffing my way through the various Bronnley scents, I settled on the Lily. This is a very simple, clear and sweet lily scent. There's not a lot of depth or nuance to it, but it is very pretty. I've used up the lotion already but I still have my eau de toilette left, and on a hot day it's very welcome.

The Lily has recently been discontinued by Bronnley, but I did see some still available at FrenchMaison on EBay, and while they are out of perfume, a number of the Lily bath products are still available at Bronnley USA online. You can also find all kinds of other Bronnley goodies at the online shop in a variety of other scents(the Apricot and Almond is very nice) in case you want to try Bronnley soaps without ever leaving home!


  1. Love London. Have to check out those yummy goodies, they sound divine

  2. I was in London a bit last summer and miss it a whole lot. My favorite part: High Tea. Nothing is more wonderful and conspicuously missing here in the US.

  3. These sound great!
    P.S. I left you an award on my blog!