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Friday, June 25, 2010

Fashion Dilemma Resolved

I posted recently about my hunt for a white eyelet skirt. I did try to resurrect my much-loved older skirt, but no such luck. I tried the RIT as recommended, and while some of the yellow came out, the skirt still doesn't look wearable. However, Lilly Pulitzer to the rescue! I did some more digging around online and found a lovely Magnolia skirt in my size on EBay. It just came in today's mail, and I think it will be exactly what I wanted. It's not too overly dressy, but it's still very pretty and feminine. If you'd like a better idea of what the lace pattern looks like close-up, here is the same skirt in pink:

I'm going out to dinner with extended family tomorrow, and I think that will be the perfect occasion to debut my new skirt.


  1. I hate you couldn't resurrect your skirt. But the new one is cute!!!

  2. If you can believe it, I've never owned any Lilly items! There are such cute things too. Would you say they run fairly true to size? Or on the small/large side? Maybe I will find something on ebay and see how well it works for me, before I invest in too much :)

  3. @Ruth - Thanks!

    @Lexiloo- - My experience has been that most Lilly runs pretty true to size. I've had a couple of items that ran slightly large. I would suggest either trying some on in person to get an idea of how the sizing works for you, or if you use EBay, buy from a seller who posts the measurements of the piece in the listing. That way you can take yuor own measurements and get an idea of fit.

  4. Oh, you definitely found a winner Miss Blue Ridge, that is a lovely skirt! And in a gorgeous color, good for you!