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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Favorite Pajamas Ever

When I was small, I used to get Lanz of Salzburg nightgowns as presents every year. They have their charm, but I'm glad I grew up and discovered pajamas. There's something almost glamourous about swanning around in one's pajamas, reading a good book. Some of my favorite memories involve being in the living room of a suite in Kingsmill in a crisp pair of cotton PJs reading a good book and basking in the breeze from the open balcony door. And then there's the winter evenings curled in in flannel with a cup of cocoa and a purring cat. Lovely ways to wind down the day.

My very favorite pajamas these days come from Needham Lane. Not only are these comfortable, but this company designs the most beautiful prints! Seriously, just go to their site and check these out. I like most of the prints there, but this one (Tulips) is the one I'm currently longing for. What do you think?

Winters get chilly here, so I live in my flannels, but for summer, I love the short sleeved capri sets. The fabric is lovely, and the cut of the tops is very flattering. I feel almost Grace Kellyish in mine - there's something about them that just makes one more elegant. And now I must find the perfect tea and good book to go with them....
Edited to add - I just got an email from Needham Lane! They are running a sale right now, and you can get 40% off of all bamboo sleepwear. The code is Bamboo40, and it's good through Sunday, June 27.


  1. Those are really cute. I had never heard of them before. Nothing better than flannel pajamas and a cup of hot chocolate on a winter night!

  2. I love pajamas! My favorites are the men's style in a really soft broadcloth. xo xo

  3. Oh I love cozy jammies! I do love nightgowns too- my sister and I used to get matching ones for Christmas every year. I agree though, I love the glamour of night pjs!

    Also, Kingsmill?! LOVE it! I've been twice, both times for the boy's work events. He had all-day meetings, so I spent much of the day in my silk jammies in the 500+ thread count sheets, with my book and ordered room service for lunch!

    I should look at Needham Lane. I love that tulip print!

  4. I LOVE jammies!! Never heard of Needham Lane, going to check them our right now!

  5. Okay, just had to comeback and comment... I LOVE NEEDHAM LANE! I sense spending money there in the near future!

  6. You are right you can't beat flannels and a cup of hot chocolate in the winter.

    I love pjs from Victoria's Secret. I have some cute ones with eyelet on the edges I got last year.

  7. The PJs and slippers are adorable!!! I can't even think about flannels in this heat wave now though, hahah

  8. Thanks for all the comments! I had a feeling others would like Needham Lane, too. I'm very tempted to get another set of summer PJs from them.