"To be a Virginian either by Birth, Marriage, Adoption, or even on one's Mother's side, is an Introduction to any state in the Union, a Passport to any Foreign Country, and a Benediction from Above."

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Day of Summer

Happy summer to all! Even though it was well into the 90s here, it was still a satisfying first day of summer. No lazing about the beach for me, but I still had sunny joy aplenty. It was an unusually quiet Monday, and I knew I had fun things waiting for me when I got home.

It is National Wear Your Lilly Day and while I couldn't do that at work, I came straight home and threw on a little shift. It's not pink and green, but I love it!

If anyone knows the name of this print, do enlighten me. I know the names of a couple of my Lilly prints, but not this one. Here's a closer look:

I had a political fundraiser to go to for a candidate running this fall, so I had a fun evening of eating yummy cookout food and beer. I got to meet some more of the local political crowd and chat with old friends as well as meeting some interesting new ones. There was one man there who works in preservation of historic buildings. He had all manner of fascinating stories to tell from his research. Next time I walk through the historic district, I won't look at it quite the same way.

It was a very pleasant way to start the week. Hope everyone else out there is having a lovely Monday!


  1. Cute dress! I don't know the name of the print, but it's adorable. Happy Lilly Day!

  2. Happy Summer to a fellow Virginian!!

    Very cute dress!