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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Proposal Story

I'm feeling inspired by the sweet story on DixieGatorGal's blog , so I thought I'd join in the Share Your Life fun and write my proposal story, too. My DH and I had been friends for YEARS before we ever started dating. Even though we went to college together and were friends through church and a Christian fellowship we both joined, we didn't start dating until I was most of the way through my graduate program.

At the beginning of my last year, we had been dating six months and I just knew he was the one. Actually, pretty much everyone around had decided he was the one. We must have been giving off quite the powerful vibe. He was out of school and working 2 hours away, so he would usually come visit me on the weekends.

This weekend seemed to start off like any other. My roommate was acting rather mysterious, but since we were coming up on fall break, I just thought he had something fun and special planned for the break. Apparently I am Captain Clueless. I thought he might propose at graduation, or maybe even Christmas, but I had no idea what was coming. I thought it would be a very nice weekend just like the other wonderful weekends we had spent together. This might explain why I did not put extra effort into straightening my hair or agonizing over the most perfect date night outfit. I had time to clean up and put on a pretty sundress before my sweetie got to town, but from what I've seen in pictures, my hair that night looked pretty unique.

It was a beautiful evening, and so we drove to Lexington. He suggested going for a walk, and asked me where my favorite place was there. I loved walking around the chapel and out by the colonnade, so we went meandering on down there. We stopped to sit on the wall by the chapel, and he started telling me how much he loved me and that he wanted us to be married and stay together forever. Suddenly, next thing I know, he is pulling out a little box and getting down on one knee. That was the point at which I understood what people meant by tears of joy, because I certainly had them. It was a magical evening, and I just knew that I was with the man I was meant to stay with always.

My parents were down at the beach house, so we went back to my place(I don't think we even stopped to get dinner) and called them to tell them about the engagement. It was at this point that I started to figure out that pretty much everyone knew what was going to happen that night except me. My now-DH had plotted with my brother to get the number to the beach house so he could call my parents in advance. He had also been in touch with my roommate getting her to figure out my ring size. When I found out later just how much care he had put into learning about jewelry and stones and picking out a ring, I was so touched.

I got to have the rare joy of blending wedding planning with being a student. Driving all over creation for dress fittings and cake tastings was a blast, but trying to fit it in around actually getting my thesis written and defended was a little hair-raising. Still, it was a wonderful time, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!


  1. Oh how sweet! You must email me and tell me where in Lexington this took place! I want to picture it :-)

  2. What a wonderful story! How sweet and romantic!