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Monday, June 21, 2010

Smells Like a Monday #2 - Faith Hill

This week, I'm wearing a perfume that breaks quite a few rules that have been drummed into me from the time I was a wee small child. As a child, I remember watching my mother get ready for the day or sitting at my great-aunt's feet in her parlor and learning all manner of beauty rules. Not only should a lady not overpower others with her fragrance, but I also learned not to wear "cheap" drugstore perfume or scents named after celebrities.

As I grew up and travelled and lost my luggage in various locales, I learned two more things on my own. Thing #1 - some of the "cheap" perfumes are so finely blended that no one would ever guess they came from Target or CVS, and Thing #2 - given the vagaries of modern travel, it's best not to pack one's greatest treasures to take along on a trip. I kept these in mind when I sampled Faith Hill last year, and instantly began to adore it.

First of all, this is an absolutely beautiful floral fragrance. It has a sweet and deeply feminine quality without being overpoweringly heavy. It's the sort of thing I like to take with me to the Outer Banks. I can wear it to dinner and/or drinks on a warm summer evening and it just works perfectly. Something about that sweet floral drifting on the warm sea air just creates a very soft, romantic atmosphere. Matched up with a breezy white sundress like this one from J.Jill and a big straw hat, the world feels a little more civilized.

The notes of Faith Hill which I got from Now Smell This sound like a Southern belle's dream to me. They are pear, neroli, pink peony, magnolia, gardenia, jasmine, cashmere skin musk, iris and vetiver. Celeb scents may raise eyebrows in some circles, but this one really is beautiful. It gives off a lovely Southern lady vibe and even if it does break a few rules, I really do enjoy this feminine, easy-to-wear fragrance. From what I've seen of her on television, Faith Hill seems like a graceful person and a wonderful performer, and her fragrance does her credit.


  1. You are so right, not just about perfume, but in general. These days, the quote/unquote cheap brands are sometimes just a good as the expensive! Sadly, I cannot wear perfume, so allergic, but I wear Degree body splash for $2.00 a bottle and I get SO many compliments on how I smell. Everyone is always shocked when I tell them what it is.

  2. This made me giggle b/c I wouldn't want to admit I was wearing a celeb scent either - but I love that you're claiming! I felt the same way when I tried on a Jessica Simpson cocktail dress this weekend!

  3. I am now very intrigued by this scent, as I also have that rule about not wearing a celeb's purfume!

  4. I had always been taught not to buy from drugstores too. But now they can be just as good.
    I never thought I would wear a celeb perfume either but I wear Beckham Signature for her. I have to be so careful that something isn't to flowery or I will do nothing but sneeze.

  5. My cousin had the Faith Hill perfume and I loved it so much I tried to find it and didnt know where...and finally found it at Walgreens! I was shocked, but i really liked it!